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 Our News

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PostSubject: Our News   Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:06 am

Ragescape 562 News

To start, we're getting flooded alot by total idiots such as Teapot and other servers that are jealous.
Our players have risen epicly really, i checked right now and we have 104 votes and our max players is 29 with no flooder accounts online in 7 days!!
Some things that have been added this week is - 50% fletching(only cutting logs), Crafting, Trees.. Yes, i forgot to add trees before i released :3 More items in shops, and there will be more items in shops to come such as the fremmy armour - Skeletal, Rockshell and Spined.
Me and our newest admin, 'Admin' are working very hard to get anti-flood or IPban working.
We're sorry for the problems with connecting.
Here is a vid from 'A W A' that he made about the server.