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 I Kasoy I's Application for Mod / Admin

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I Kasoy I

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PostSubject: I Kasoy I's Application for Mod / Admin   Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:14 am


Name: Dennis Pilyp
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Location / Where you live: Sweden
Timezone : Gmt+-0
Playtime Per Day: depends if its weekends 10-12hours ^^
Almost always on

Why do you want to become a mod?
Well, there's nothing wrong with being a normal player, you can still help people, but if you're a mod / admin, people will ask you more questions and therefor i can help them more.
What would make you a Good mod?
Well, When it comes to looking out for rules and stuff, ill be very nice, and careful about people breaking rules.

What would you do to prevent people from breaking rules?
Well if someone would break a rule, i would at first give warnings, than possible mute. If however they would still continue to do it, i would ask an admin to take it under consideration of what to do.

Are you strict about rules?
Yes, If you dont obey the rules. Feel free to take the consequenses.

Would you be mad and flood / spam the server if u would get demoted?
Ofcourse not, i would never do that. That's really immature.

Well.. I think that's it, if aaron or anyone else has something to add, please feel free to ask any questions.
Thank you for you're Time
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I Kasoy I's Application for Mod / Admin
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